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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Grand Canyon - May 2012
One mile deep. Ten miles wide. Two hundred and seventy seven miles long. Teddy Roosevelt called it "the one great sight every American should see." Descending from the rim to the Colorado River you pass 11 layers of ancient rocks ranging in age from 250 million years old to nearly 2 billion years old.
The canyon exists because of one very important feature: The Colorado River. Winding 277 miles, the Colorado River runs free within the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a "mountain in reverse." It is hot, dry, difficult and possibly deadly as chronicled in a new book written by a physican entitled _Death in the Canyon_ >> a history of all the fatal incidents in the canyon including the infamous plane crash over the canyon by two tour planes. Now only one plane at a time can be in the canyon.

Over 4 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year mostly from May thru September. The Canyon is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world and can be seen from space.

Below, images from the Grand Canyon in Springtime.

Desert View Road Canyon View-South Rim
Sunrise View from Mather Point-South Rim
Sunrise View from Mather Point-South Rim
Desert View from the Watch Tower. Grand Canyon Southeastern View.

Desert View Southeastern. Grand Canyon. South Rim.
Mather Point. South Rim. Grand Canyon.

3D Projection of the geologic history of the Grand Canyon.

Then 1977
DT -home built oven within Grand Canyon.
Then 1977
Scotty Sprinkles tending to biscuits.
Now May 2012