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Thursday, September 22, 2011

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge: A Study of Angles

Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden Gate Park across from the Presidio.
 Golden Gate Bridge Marin County Overlook
Middle of the Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge driving Highway 101
Golden Gate Bridge from Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Bridge Middle Support Arch
Top Span Detail
Golden Gate Bridge Support Structure
Marin side of the bridge
Tugboat under the bridge
Golden Gate drive span
Floral image of the Golden Gate bridge from Golden Gate Park
Sailing under the bridge
Approaching the bridge

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shelties on a Rainy Day

We have had our 2nd driest winter in Colorado weather history, followed by a very dry Spring. Now, late in the game, we are getting a deluge for May. While I really appreciate the moisture, this presents a problem for the pup cakes. They go out for brief periods only to run and potty and then back inside. To placate them, I bought several sets of bully sticks, new toys and a new bed. Here are the results.

How to entertain pups when they cannot stay outdoors. Toyland.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Springtime in the Rockies- Sheltie Pups at Play

Play, Play, Play
This is Grady (L) and Fergie (R) doing what they like to do best-- playing.

The Pull-Toy

The Little Foxes

Fergie, Grady, Destin

Forward March

Fergie Follow

Dogs just want to have fun

Grady- Sun Dog

White Bird and Mr. Robin

White Bird

Spring begins this Sunday, but along the Front Range of Colorado it really started today. Robins are here, along with goldfinches in their winter plumage. A leucistic red-winged blackbird (RWBB) also made an appearance. With mild temps come the birds looking for food.

Leucistic red-winged blackbird

White Blackbird and friends (RWBB's)

American Robin in Colorado

Robin eye

Robin in the last rays of the sun.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sheltie - Red Sables, Bi-Black, Blue Merle

Missouri River Bridge
In St. Louis Day 1- Time to do a doggie exchange. One Blue Merle baby from Colorado is delivered - another Red Sable boy is picked up. Arriving at Wentzville, Missouri, I got to see some truly gorgeous shelties. Here they are.

Champion Gabe- Sheltie Special with numerous BOB wins across country. 

Shelties Galore- Left to Right
Connie, sable and white sheltie w/ dark overlay
Gabe-Sheltie champ being specialed all over the country
Grady- Red sable male now living in Colorado
Red sable sheltie behind Grady
Zip- Bi-black sheltie who really resides in Colorado
Kate-dream girl, sister to Grady
Gidget-Blue merle puppy in playpen-newly arrived

Zip in the middle-Colorado bi-black girl showing around the country.

Linda G. getting acqainted with Gidget

Larry, Linda G. and Billie - Dog Talk

Sally and Larry watching Linda G. at Sally's house

Zip, Gabe and Connie watching us depart with Grady.

Last remaining male sheltie in litter watching us leave Wentzville, Mo

Gidget Goodbye from Wentzville, Missouri

A fine group of Shelties, good talk, and the best little sheltie dog coming home to Colorado. When I tried to pack Grady's bed the day we drove back home, he must of thought that I was trying to ditch him. He hung onto his new bed for dear life. I eventually did get the truck packed with Grady. He was a delight all the way home strutting his stuff.

Grady at home in Colorado.

Friday, March 11, 2011

World Bird Sanctuary-Kathryn G. Favre Foundation Assist

While visiting in St. Louis recently I was taken to the World Bird Sanctuary west of the city. A couple of friends thought that the birder among them might like the birds there. They were right. This particular sanctuary is really a rescue center for birds, complete with bird hospital. Birds that are injured end up there more or less on a permanent basis, some birds are short term guests as part of a breeding program, and others are in transit to new homes.

Generally speaking I do not enjoy seeing birds in cages or captivity, but if a bird is injured and rendered incapable of surviving on its own, such facilities display them and maintain them for educational purposes.

Such is the case for the World Bird Sanctuary. Many stunning birds call the place home.

American Eagle Classic Profile

Eagle Eye


Peregrine Falcon

Sea Eagle

Turkey Vulture

Fred- American Turkey

Fred- Strutting his stuff. Very friendly bird-not shy.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl whom I believe to be missing his right eye.

White Pelican Snooze

White Pelican

Saw-whet Owl

Deb Miller, my St. Louis guide.

Carolina Wren- St. Louis
Deb's birdfeeder

Tufted Titmouse- St. Louis
Deb's birdfeeder