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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Visit to the St. Louis Arch at Mardi Gras (2nd largest in nation)

The St. Louis Arch
Since I was already in St. Louis, I simply could not resist the opportunity to go up into the St. Louis Arch which depicts the Gateway to the West. In reality, Chicago became the real gateway to the west via the railroad but St. Louis claims the mantle nonetheless. I had always thought of the arch as a concrete structure over the Mississippi River. Wrong. This arch is one of the most beautiful stainless steel art forms ever created. It's earliest beginning started in 1947 as the arch was planned to attract visitors to the gateway city. Construction began in 1962 and the arch was completed in 1965 with no loss of life -- a period prior to OSHA. It is a marvel of construction as each piece is a triangular form- a sandwich if you will - of concrete, re-bar and stainless steel.

A good friend of mine in Colorado is an AKC judge and it is her sister who played host to me and accompanied me to the arch. We went up inside the arch to the top observation windows via a very tiny and claustrophobic tram. It was great fun.

The Arch

The Left Foot of the St. Louis Gateway Arch March 6th, 2011. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial administered by the National Park Service.

Elongated Arch

St. Louis Arch Portholes at top upper right. This is where you go if you choose to take the tram inside the arch to the top. Of course I did.

Gleaming Arch of Stainless Steel in the Sunday Sun.

Arch elongated extreme angle.

Arch portholes.

Old St. Louis Courthouse where the Dred Scott decision occured. A slave successfully sued for his freedom.

The Arch- Right Leg

The Arch in Winter - St. Louis, Missouri

Gleaming Arch

Gleaming Arch Extended in Sunday Sun

Angle Arch

Arch Pantomime

Deb Miller, my host in St. Louis

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  1. Hi Donna, Love your pics of the Arch. Actually, I've never seen it look so good! I did see it in person many years ago and now your pics make me want to go back and see it again. Thanks for sharing, your partner in Seattle. ;-)