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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

Introducing Grady.
Last week I left Colorado to go to St. Louis in order to transport a Blue Merle sheltie puppy to a friend and pick up a red sable puppy from the same friend. While in St. Louis my friend Linda G. went Best of Breed at the Purina Complex in Wentzville. I spent time with her dogs photographing them and advancing in Sheltie school. Linda has 38 years experience training, showing and breeding quality shelties. I always learn a lot about the breed everytime we meet.

In Wentzville, Missouri a collection of fine Sheltie babies. The bi-black belongs to a friend here in Colorado and the small blue merle puppy in the puppy pen is the dog I transported to Missouri.

At Sheltie Camp in Wentzville, Missouri - my new puppy Grady is seen here on the right.

Gidget goes to St. Louis. Gidget is the product of Linda's sire who is on loan in Colorado. Gidget is a gorgeous and sweet blue merle puppy. It was so hard for me to hand her to Linda as I absolutely love this little girl.

Playing with Gidget.

Fergie (left) Grady (right) playing in the sun in Colorado.

Grady, aka Raisin Raison d'etre

Another raisin in the sun. Grady in the late day sun of Colorado.

Grady, head shot. Red sable with soon to be mahagony overlay.

Linda G. at the Purina Complex showing Gabe to Best in Breed at the St. Louis cluster shows.

Linda G. with the cute, adorable Gidget in Wentzville, Missouri

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  1. Aw! Congrats, bet there is a lot of play going on!