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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fergie's Blog Part 2- At Home In Colorado

With 7 inches of snow on the ground and single digit high temps you would think small sheltie pups would not like the snow. Not the case here.

Fergie the little snow dog in Colorado.

Face Off- Fergie thinks she is a cat and Merlin thinks he is a dog. They do play together but Merlin is laying down cat law.

Fergie in her puppy pen after cleaning and toy organizing. She is waiting to be fed. Guess who is the entertainment.

Fergie and the dirty sock. With frigid temps outside-that means creative puppy playing inside.

The Snow Dogs- Fergie and Destin

Fergie and Merlin Detente

I am so looking forward to Spring. If not Spring, then at least some warm and dry weather. Maybe Utah.


  1. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous pics, Donna!

  2. What beautiful pets in lovely Colorado. I saw how beautiful the place is in the automated home finder