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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Aviation Museum of Marathon, Florida

Marathon, Florida has an impressive airport. There are jets flying overhead daily from Key West to the Mainland of Florida. Many of the retirees in the area have a connection to WWII aviation and as such have brought their collections to the Florida Keys. This is a sampling of two planes from the Aviation Museum here-- two vintage WWII transports- one is a Beechcraft Model 18 similar to what Amelia Earhart flew (a Lockheed Electra) this plane has 14 cylinders (7 on each side). The other plane you see here is a DC-3 formerly flown by Ozark Airlines prior to that airline having been absorbed into Frontier.

Beechcraft Model 18 -- WWII Vintage Transport
Beechcraft Model 18 rear view
Beechcraft Model 18 boarding door
DC3 Ozark Airlines formerly a WWII Transport plane
DC3 Ozark Airlines last in service for Frontier Airlines
DC3 Cockpit under plastic

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