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Monday, March 11, 2013

Crystal River, Florida

The northwest coast of Florida along the Crystal River and Homosassa Springs is referred to as the "Nature Coast." While it certainly is less developed than the rest of the state, it is for good reason--- a nuke plant sitting at the mouth of the Crystal River along the gulf tidal salt flats. Miles and miles of transmission lines send energy to the central part of Florida which is choked with traffic and tract homes. There is nature to be found here but always under the shadow of the nuclear facility. I found a beautifal little beach nearby that harbors some very unusual shorebirds- rare ones. More than meets the eye here.

Ft. Island Gulf Beach - a man-made island of sand among the salt marshes.

Black Skimmers (shearwaters) grouped by species at the beach
A banded Royal Tern
Royal Terns
Black Headed Laughing Gulls
Laughing Gull Portrait
Ruddy Turnstone
Crystal River Nuclear Facility
Gulf Coast Salt Marsh
Road Sign in Crystal River
I'm working on it....... I really am.
March 2013

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